Robotics and coding program

Times are changing and so is life in the classroom. Today, as educators at Institució La Vall we face an enormous challenge.

We must keep students engaged, embrace new technologies and satisfy the constant demand for higher standards of education. It is our responsibility to help prepare our students for the reality of today´s world.

In this context, our success depends on our ability of building academic abilities, introducing new technologies in classroom and fostering life skills to prepare students for life in tomorrow's rapidly-changing world.

That is why this year 2018 -2019 we have introduced the “ROBOTICS AND CODING PROGRAM” in Elementary (grades 3 to 6).

This program enhances and enrich our core curriculum with robotics and coding sessions in a hands-on, supporting and stimulating learning environment. Specifically, students, working in teams, design and build programmable robots and use intuitive programming software to solve real world challenges.

In addition, these sessions not only help develop a solid academic foundation but also enhance soft skills such as innovation, creativity, program-solving and communication among students.

To ensure the best performance of the program we partnered with LEGO Education ROBOTIX, who has expertise in enhancing soft skills while covering curriculum relevant topics through computing, science, robotics and technology in schools for more than 15 years.

Sessions are guided by Ms. Laurie Ford, a certified LEGO Education facilitator, trained on engineering, with experience teaching on STEM in Elementary. Classes will be co-facilitated by Science teachers to ensure the best fit in our system.

We truly believe that this new program will foster strong robotics and coding basis and life skills among our students.

Institució La Vall & LEGO Education ROBOTIX Team

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