International Dot Day

Celebrating International Dot Day has become a tradition at La Vall. At the beginning of the year, our ​students, inspired by a book written by Peter Reynolds, let their creativity fly and take a step forward, by leaving their mark.

During International Dot Day, we share our work with children from around the world. From Canada to Taiwan, in more than 164 countries, children demonstrate  their work through songs, murals, books, etc. 

Everyone works on the same project, "Make your mark and see where it takes you."

We ask the students to do the same, make their mark and leave their own dot... and as we had hoped, there are no two the same!
It's incredible to see the power that a small picture book can have, and the truth is that any small thing can become big if it's full of passion. ​

This project touches upon many of different strategies of the AUDE. We celebrate their creativity, help them to find their own way of expressing themselves, help them to work collaboratively in groups, and it also allows them to connect with the rest of the world as they share their work with children around the world. 


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